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Autumn leaves

Baby ride easy

Be bob

Be Strong

Best part of the day

Black coffee

Blue Train                                 I I

Boat to Liverpool

Boot Scoot'n Boogie

Bosa nova              

Bread and butter

Cabo San Lucas                       P

Cajun slape

Can you see the Satelittes         P

Canadian stomp

Cha cha Cowboy                     P


Cherokee boogie

Chica boom boom


Copperhead road

Cotton eye Joe                         O

Cotton picking time

Country girl 

Cowboy Cha Cha

D-D Dancing

Devil in disguise

Dirty old Town

Disapearing tail lights


Don't gimme that

Don't you wish

Drinking gasoline

Duelling dancers                      I I

Electric slide

Es gibt nur Wasser


Fiddler man

Fishers hornpipe

Four corner

Fun Push                                  I I

Galway girl


Gimmnese Boogie

Goodtime Girls

Groovline Special                     I I

Hey boy

Hickory lake

Hilly billy rock

Homeward bound

Honkey tonk stomp                  I I

Hoocked on country

Hot potato

Hotel Angel

I ride a horse

It´s Alright              NEU

Jacobs ladder


Just a minute

Land of dreams

Land of lake McKnee

Language of love                    PT 

Leaving of Liverpool

Let's dance             P

Line dance party



Love you in a Barrel


Milly's tip

My Maria

Never ever

Not fair

Operator california girl            PT

Patient heart

Picnic polka

Pina colada


Red hot salsa

Rhyme or reason


Rock me (Canadian stomp)

Ros a lee

Rose Garden

Sailor boy                                I I

Save the last dance for me          

Seminole 2                               O

Seminole Spirit of the Hawk    O

September satellites               P

Sex on the beach

Shakin mix

Shout shout

Side by Side

Siebentausend Rinder


Sixteen step                             P

Sky bumpus                            I I

Some beach

Something in the water

Spiel mir das Lied

Suicid blond

Summer fly

Suzanne Suzanne                   P

Sweet sweet smile

Tag on                               NEU

Tango with the sheriff

Tender hearts

The trail


Turning over new leaves

Tush Push

Twist and shout

Wave on wave

White rose

Wishful thinking